Toys for Pet Birds: A Useful Guide to keep your birds cheerful

Toys for Pet Birds: A Useful Guide to keep your birds

Your pet birds don’t need to forage for food. They find their food with no effort. As a result, in cages, they keep resting all day. This makes your pets bored. What can you do for your birds to make them joyful? I’m here to tell you about the importance of toys for your pet birds. I will also tell you how you can select cheap safe toys for them.

Why are pet bird toys necessary?

Screaming, biting, and other behaviors are common in your bored birds. Due to boredom, they become violent. They pick their feathers and cause physical harm to them. The continuous swing of their heads drives them crazy.

According to experts, toys for your pet birds are as valuable as their food. Your bird’s mental and physical health will develop by playing with toys. Toys will keep your bird’s beak and nails occupied.

A good selection of toys will keep them entertained and busy for hours. It helps your pet to resolve behavioral issues like feather picking or screaming. It will also contribute to your pet’s fitness and enjoyment.

You should exchange toys from inside or outside of the cage of your pet. This will remove the boredom of your birds. It is desirable to find toys with which your pets enjoy playing or interacting.

What health benefits do toys provide to your pet birds?

  • · The common instinct of birds is to break objects apart using their beaks. Toys permit your pets to chew, tear, and shred. Letting them chew on the toys helps them to keep the beaks in perfect shape.
  • Toys meet your pet’s desire for forage.
  • · They make your pet birds pass most of their time remaining on their feet. This helps them remain active and get exercise. This also stops them from being obese.
  • · They also have puzzles for your birds. These puzzles inspire them to resolve a task utilizing their problem-solving skills.
  • · You need to give toys to your pet bird with various colors, smells, sizes, flavors, and shades.
Safe and unsafe toys for pet birds
Safe and unsafe toys for pet birds
Safe and Unsafe toys for pet birds

What should be the cage size to keep toys for your birds?

You must decide whether you will keep your bird’s new toy inside or outside the cage. You also need to decide which part of the cage you want to keep toys in. Ensure your bird cages are large enough to accommodate the new toys.

If you choose to keep your bird toys outside the cage, they should be bigger and more extensive than those kept inside. But if you choose to keep toys inside the cage, your bird should be free to fly with ease from one end to the other.

Flying is a common activity for birds, and they should be able to do so whenever they want. This means you need pretty large cages for both of your large and small pet birds.

Where will you keep your bird’s toys inside the cage? You should be aware if you have a cage that is the right size for your pet or not. You need to identify a “flying section” of the cage (usually the top half) and keep all hanging bird toys out of it.

In the lower half of the cage, you can set a corner or zone for bird toys. Don’t fill the cages with bird toys. Most birds do not need more than two to three toys at a time to keep them occupied.

How will you choose toys for your pet birds?

You need to know your bird’s species, its personality traits, preferences, and size. Then, you should select toys depending on that. As for rules, bigger birds like grappling and chewing on toys. Bells, mirrors, and swings are favorites of smaller birds.

Toys that are too small for large birds can cause them to choke. But, toys that are too large for smaller birds may cause them to become frightened.

Unfortunately, several birds die a premature death due to the improper selection of toys. So, it is necessary to provide safe material toys for birds.

What are the safe toys for pet birds?

  • Wooden Toys: The wood in your pet’s toy should come from a “safe” tree. The safe trees include Pine, Bamboo, Beech, Basswood, Dogwood, Douglas Fir, Maple, Walnut, Apple, and others. You should use wood that has non-toxic color.
  • Rope Toys: You should use fiber ropes like cotton, jute, etc that are 100% natural safe material for your bird’s toys. Rope toys are safe because they keep the bird’s beak and nails trim.
  • Hanging Toys: You must solder the chain of hanging toys instead of using open links. You can use bolt-on toys if your bird is particularly rough with his hanging toys. Like, putting himself in danger by wrapping toys around its neck.
  • Fastened Toys: You can use Quick-link and pear-link as fasteners of toys. These fasteners are less likely to cause harm to your pets.
  • Leather Toys: On bird toys, only vegetable-tanned leather is safe.
  • Ring Toys: Toys that have appropriate ring sizes are safe for your birds.
  • Bell Toys: Toys that have a cow or liberty bells are safe for your pets.

What are the unsafe toys for pet birds?

  • Wooden Toys: Toys made from the wood of Cherry, Cedar, Oak, and Plywood trees are unsafe for your pets.
  • Rope Toys: You should inspect your pet’s rope toys regularly. Also, cut back or discard rope from toys. Otherwise, frayed rope toys pose a threat to birds.
  • Hanging Toys: The un-soldered chain of hanging toys has sharp edges and a confined opening. This may cause your bird to cut its toes. If you are using open links, you should keep the link size safe. Or it will cause the breaking of nails, toes, and legs of your bird. If you keep the length of the chain large, it may harm the bird by wrapping around the neck of the bird while playing.
  • Fastened Toys: You shouldn’t fasten toys with split key rings, metal showers, or spring-loaded clips. This is unsafe for your pets. These small things will cause a beak injury.
  • Leather Toys: Toys having tanned or dyed leather is unsafe for your birds. You should replace soiled or wet leather or it will cause bacterial infection.
  • Ring Toys: Inappropriate ring size of the toys will cause the head of your pets to stuck into it.
  • Bell Toys: Toys with cow or liberty bells are safe for birds. Toys using jingle-type bells are unsafe because toes might get caught and cut in the opening.
  • Plastic Toys: If you have large birds, don’t use brittle plastic toys. You also shouldn’t use hard plastic toys designed for parakeets and cockatiels.

You can buy many toys for your birds online in pet shops. But, those toys are expensive. If your bird is a heavy chewer who breaks toys fast, the cost will rise. Can you make toys for your birds on your own? Yes, you can reduce the expense by making cheap toys using household things. This will make playtime more enjoyable for your bird free of cost.

Which household things can you use to make for your birds at home?

  • Wooden Spools (without thread): Wooden spools allow making comfortable and entertaining toys for all sized birds. You can use spools as foot toys when your birds are out of their cages. Also, you can use cotton rope or vegetable tanned leather string pools as hanging toys. Placing a wooden spool in a dish of food dye will add a stunning contrast. These are some of the simplest toys to string together. You can connect a plastic chain or rope via the middle with your birds’ toy.
  • Poker Chips: Plastic poker chips can be a lot of fun for birds to play with balls. You can make a hanging toy by hanging them on a rope. Also, you can use them as foot toys. Because your bird will be able to pick it up. Besides, they will be able to roll the chips around, chew on them and throw them in the air. Since poker chips can be lightweight, you always need to keep an eye on your pet while it is playing with them. You should change the poker chips when they are scratched or ragged. Or it might cause your bird to choke.
  • Paper: You may find the paper to be an uninteresting option for your bird toy. But, many birds enjoy shredding paper toys and pass the day away. You can use plain paper without any dye. Cut it according to your birds’ beak shape to shred. Also, you can thread the paper strips in and out of the cages. Or, you can fold it into a ball so that your bird can play with it. If your bird is uninterested in playing with paper, you can dip it into a food dye and make it colorful.
  • Popsicle Sticks: You can provide your pets with clean and dry popsicle sticks to chew on them. It will help to build their beaks and jaw muscles. You should avoid worn and broken end sticks. popsicle sticks are very cheap and will keep your bird occupied.
  • Molted Feathers: You can save your birds’ molten feathers and bind them together with a cotton twine piece. Hang the toy inside your bird’s cage. Your bird will preen it.

If you want to keep your pet birds in good health, you must provide them with safe toys. If you want cheap toys, you can make toys using only common household items on your own. Keep your pets away from unsafe toys. Or toys can be the cause of harm to your birds.

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